Katharine Isabelle as Ginger Gnappor, daughter of Janis and Kevin ~ 17 ~ TAKEN

Ginger isn’t really the type of girl you’d like to socialize with. She basically only goes to school since she’s forced. Her grades consist of C’s and D’s, even the occasional F. She likes to hang out at home alone with her door closed so she can smoke and drink privately. She goes by Ginger Edwards since she hates the last name Gnappor. She’s usually roaming the school hallways alone, but sometimes her boyfriend Glenn Bennett likes to sneak around the school with her, even though he was a drop out in 9th grade.

Daveigh Chase as Brady Thaxton, daughter of Gretchen & Martin Thaxton ~ 15 ~ OPEN

Brady is a party animal, literally. If she’s not at home throwing a party, shes out at a nightclub. She is very insecure about her name, but she learned to get used to it because her mother grew up with the name Gretchen. She loves herself, though. Coincided runs in her family. She also loves smoking and listening to music in her free time. Usually, she would be considered a slut, but since she’s popular, she’s promoted for her bad doings.

Julianne Hough as Pauline (Pauly) Smith, daughter of Karen Smith ~ 16 ~ OPEN 

Pauly hasn’t really been the same since last year. Her father left her mom and she’s been working 3 different jobs so she can keep the mansion her mother and her reside in. She used to be bitchy, happy, and slutty. Her father left and she became a totally nice person. Other than her school life, she finds joy in horror movies and modeling. Yes, she’s a model for quite a few magazines. She didn’t get popularity from her mother, but from her modeling jobs. She was on the cover of Seventeen, Elle, and she modeled for many stores. 

Selena Gomez as Aria Omen, daughter of Regina and Shane Omen ~ 16 ~ OPEN

Everyone classifies Aria as if she’s her mother, well, who her mother was in high school. She has a kind heart, but she hides it away so people don’t think that she’s weak. She’s broken since the death of her ex boyfriend and the only people she has to comfort her are her fellow plastics. Outwardly, she has a total bitchy personality, a rich girl look, and a beautiful face. Inwardly, she’s as sweet as Shirley Temple. Although she inherited her mothers popularity, she is exactly opposite.

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